Let me introduce you a good place for relax or recover you body. Its Masaż Maks, who is doing massage at two place in Warsaw. One is In stricte center of our capital city. Near Plac Trzech Krzyży (Sheraton, Novotel). Second one is in Ursynów area called Stokłosy (metro station Stokłosy).

Warsaw Massage Center and Ursynów

At both my places I do regular massage (so any erotic stuff is not supported). If you are first time for tryind massage its good to prepare yourself. Dont be afraid, its very easy (taking shower, not eating big dinner short before, don’t hurry up).

Im doing fiew kinds of massage. The most often I recommend is Deep Tissue Massagę (DTM) who some times is wrong called „sport massage” – becouse its very succesfull relax muscles for gym guy but not only. You will be suprise, but if you only sit on you chair at office, your muscle ar working hardly. More you sitting, more there are tender and tired.

Other kind massage I like to do its fascia massage. There are quite gentle, soft massages. Its good when you are tired like after long office hours, or long travel. In addition mix it with regular massage technics called classical massage – you surly heard abount it.

And third is relaxation massage (with hot bamboo stick and similar hot basaltic stones). If you like hot stuff in your body, and it helping for you to relax (like worm bathing) its massage for you.

Warsaw Massage Center

Its my first place in Warsaw, which I renting form „Dobrze być.” clinic. Treatment room is located in center of Warsaw, so its easy to came from Hotel or central station. Quite and small street called Frascati, number 4. Next to Sheraton Hotel and Polish Parleament.


Warsaw Massage Ursynów

My secondary place its situated in disctreet Ursynów – south of Warsaw. Its easy to came by metro line 1. Station Stokłosy. Adress: Służby Polsce 4. Place is shared with Electro Gym Fit – so if you like try electrostymulating treaining for free (first time) you are welcome.


Warsaw Massage Center and Ursynów rezerwation

Below I share calendar link, for showing my reserwation hours. If they show, that mean its not occupated. Send me mail or called and I take a place for you.