My name is Maks and I would like to introduce you to Masaż Maks Massage Clinik in Center and Ursynów. There are places to help you relax or recover your body. I work for you in two locations, both in Warsaw. The first one is conveniently located in the City Center close to Plac Trzech Krzyży and Polish Parlament (Sheraton Hotel,Novotel, Central Station). The second one is on Ursynów District (south of Warsaw) close to Stokłosy metro station.

Warsaw Massage Center and Ursynów

If it is your first time getting a massage it is good to prepare yourself, but don’t worry, it’s very simple:

taking a shower, not eating a big meal before the session (around hour).

Please notice that this is for regular massage therapies only, no erotic massages or inquires for it are allowed.

I offer a few different massage options. I often recommend the Deep Tissue Massage (DTM), normally known as “Sports Massage”, as it is popular among athletes and those regularly going to the gym. This massage is perfect to relax your muscles, which even if you are sitting on an office chair all day, your muscles are still working really hard
and get tender and tired.
The second massage option is the Fascia Massage. This is a quite gentle, soft massage. Ideal when you are tired after a long day at work or when you have been traveling for long. You can complement it with regular massage technique called Classic Massage , with which you are surly familiar.

The third option is a Relaxation Massage Perfect if you like to relax under the heat (like a warm bath) with hot bamboo stick.

Of course I also offer the Regular or Classic Massage, like the Swedish Massage (let’s said it’s a bit boring, but it’s good for you if like a bit of relax).

massage center in Warsaw
gabinet „dobrze byc” warsaw center massage

Masaż Maks – Warsaw Massage in Center and Ursynów – Summary

-110 PLN/60 min
-150 PLN/90 min
My phone number: +48 790611887(whatsup or Messenger)
prepaiment 30 PLN – link here

1. Frascati 4 – Clinic Dobrzy być. Check the map HERE_google maps HERE_oogle maps
2. Służby Polsce 4 – Electro Gym FIT EMS. Check the map HERE google maps HEREgoogle maps

Warsaw Massage Center and Ursynów map
Warsaw Massage Center and Ursynów map

Warsaw Massage Center

It is my first place in Warsaw, which I’m renting from „Dobrze być.” Clinic. Is located in the center of Warsaw in a quiet and small street called Frascati, number 4. Easy access from the Central Station, next to Sheraton Hotel and Polish Parliament.


Warsaw Massage Ursynów

My secondary place is located on the Ursynów district– South of Warsaw.
Address: Służby Polsce 4/U2 google map link
It’s easy to come by Metro Line 1, station „Stokłosy”. The place is shared with Electro Gym Fit, so if you would like try
Electro-stimulation Treatment before massage you are welcome.

massage in Warsaw, Ursynów


Use this form below. After that I send confirmation on your e-mail and phone number. Its true, in Polish, but belive you recognise such words like „classical=klasyczny” or „sport=sportowy”.  If you order some special issues (promo, questions, itp – let me knwo in field „comment” in form.

Reservation could be deleted with no extra payed. Then you should contact me before 21, at evening before day we meet for massage. For reservation make the same day  or by new customer Im asking for prepaid 30 PLN by card_here or pay in my shop (after massage you paid rest of amount).

If there are no hours you like, please send me a message, I wil try fix it 🙂